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    Hangshi  has been focusing on the research & development, manufacturing and marketing of the wireless products since its
    Hangshi  has been focusing on the research & development, manufacturing and marketing of the wireless products since its

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    Hangshi  has been focusing on the research & development,  and marketing of the wireless products since its
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    BOW Hangshi HB158 iPad pro Apple Computer Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

    Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard, specially for 12.9 iPad Pro

    Magnetic absorption,effortless separation

    Using zinc alloy magnetic strip to absorb bottom of Ipad Pro.

    Clear transparent protection cover provides full protection?

    Simple design,silm and portable

    Foldable slim cover,extremely convenient to carry your tablet anywhere.

    Automatic sleeping mode

    Panel is made from epoxy resin materia, effectively protect iPad Pro.

    Build-in magnets offers smart auto sleep / wake feature.

    Using BROADCOM chip,?offering efficient connecting and fast typing

    Scissor feet structure offers more comfortabletyping.

    Magnet power on/off by strip adsorp and detach,smart and easy

    Magnet folding triangle stand,stable supporting angle

    1..Bluetooth version:Bluetooth 3.0
    2. Effective connection distance:10m

    3. Modulation system:GFSK
    4. Operation voltage:3.0-4.2V
    5. Operating current?<3.0mAh
    6.Standby time:>30days
    7. Charge time:<2 hours
    8. Lithium battery capacity:180mA
    9.Uninterrupted Working Time:>60hours
    10.Lithium battery life:3 years

    11.?decision support systemiOS、Android、Windows

    12.Keyboard dimensions:376.5*308.5.5mm( Fully open)

    Information is being prepared, please visit later!

    Bluetooth protective sleeve for with support function may tilt while putting on a flat surface.

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    Due to weather,the situation cannot be avoided .But it won"t affect the usage and appearance.

    Sinking mats don"t play non-slip function any more and surface got scratch.

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    Press the backside of corresponding non-slip mats until the mat is protruded.

    Sleep function magnet doesn"t work, cannot make tablet sleeping.

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    Please make sure tablet closed and aligned keyboard properly. 

    Magnetism between the keyboard strip/clamp and tablet(iPad 2/3/4,iPad mini 1/2,iPad air) is not strong

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    Check if the strip/clamp turned deformed. Deformation will affect the attachment.Please straighten it by hand.

    Keyboard surface got scratches by desk friction after a long time usage

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    Surface scratch is not only the durable problem of material. Please also pay attention to leaving away from sharp objects. 

    Slight gap between keyboard surface shell and bottom case

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    Keyboard surface shell and bottom case is bonded by 3M glue.Slight gap may not be avoided in the assembly process. But didn"t affect the appearance or function. If big gap affects the appearance, please lightly press the two parts with hands.

    The bluetooth indicator light doesn"t turn on or just shine once while pressing the Bluetooth connect switch

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    Please do not press any key while pressing the connect switch.
    It will not affect the keyboard usage if the Bluetooth indicator light doesn"t turn on or just shining once.

    The keyboard can not connect with Tablet. No response with some function keys or typing response is slow.

    Suggestion and Answer: 
    1) Check tablet battery firstly ,whether less than 5% or the running applications in background are overloaded.
        We kindly advise to charge your tablet immediately and exit part of running applications.Please restart your tablet if still unavailable for connection.
    2) If the keyboard power indicator shows red with low battery
        Please charge the keyboard immediately to solve the situation above.
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